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Personalized Learning turns the role of the teacher on its head

When I went to school, many moons ago, my teachers stood in front of the room lecturing while students sat back and passively received the content. This teaching style is still prevalent in many schools today. Personalized Learning forces teachers to become facilitators not just dictators of information.

Why is this important?

Have you ever noticed what children do when they are interested in learning something? I bet you've noticed some of the following:

1. they will watch every video possible

2. they will read articles, blogs, books, etc.

3. they will find other people who are experts and connect with them on social media/YouTube

4. they will ask hundreds of questions

5. they will try to create something based on what they learned

6. they will teach a friend

In the scenario above, the student takes full control and responsibility of their learning. The teacher offers support, guidance, crucial questions not addressed by the student, and may provide next steps to push the students thinking.

When teachers become facilitators, students do more of the "heavy lifting" in the classroom.