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Creating a student-centered school

What does it mean when people say, "student-centered?"

I'll tell you what I mean. Inspire is a student-centered school because we do what's best for our students all of the time. Now, that might look differently for each student, or on any given day, because each student is unique and has very distinct and specific needs. But what it ensures, is that each student is taught to be the driver of their own experience. Every student discovers how to use their voice to advocate for their own learning. We expose students to many different opportunities so that they can develop new interests and build their unique strengths and talents.

So often students need to try out to be part of a club, team, or sport but this excludes them from ever discovering a new interest. We believe that all students should have access to a wide variety of activites and sports without having to try out for them. This exposure is how students learn new things that they might potentially become passionate about.

We will be working with several different sporting/athletic organizations to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities including: lacrosse, soccer, football, basketball, and maybe even fencing. Students have the opportunity to try all of these sports alongside a passionate "coach" who will help them develop skills at their own level. The goal is exposure, not competition. We will also work this way in the arts, robotics, engineering, etc.

Student-engaged assessment is another area that promotes a student-centered environment. Inspire Academy will use the following practices to position students as "drivers" of their learning:

  • Student led conferences

  • Celebrations of learning

  • Learning targets developed with students

  • Feedback - using a peer review protocol

I will be presenting a session online on Sunday, May 6th at 9am EST. Please join me to learn more about these practices. Follow the link to learn more:


The session will be recorded if you can't join live.